I'm Daliesha Murray

A Millennial Empowerment Catalyst helping Millennial women all over the world, to overcome self-doubt and grow their confidence towards a truly rewarding life.
But I wasn’t always this way:

All the time I had growing up, I had many reasons to question and doubt everything around me. I grew up in a home where my parents did their best to give us the best of everything, but my mom suffered from a mental illness.

It opened me up to a whole new world of facing mental health issues directly at an early age. So, I began early trying to understand mental health issues and how they affect both our relationships with those around us and our overall productivity.

Unfortunately, the hurt, shame, pain, anxiety, and worries were too much for me to handle at that early age. and that led me to decide to take my own life, I didn’t. God’s grace found me and gradually pulled me out of that dark place. The process was a deep learning curve that showed me all my limitations were as a result of the level of information I had been feeding myself with.

After discovering the power of the mind in determining how much we get out of life, I started applying for different self-development programs and learned core coaching techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Creative Visualization Technique which I use to help my clients break out of self-doubt and acquire the positive confidence required for success.

Since then, I have built my own business, spoken on different platforms and committed my knowledge to help young women who struggle in the area of self-doubt, self-worth and self-confidence know their pain has a purpose while empowering them with effective techniques to help turn their life situations into life-changing opportunities


Until recently, there was never a time when I felt I had it all. The world was always against me and I had something to blame for everything that went wrong. If you spend all day complaining about your circumstances or wishing you could be having it as easy as someone else, that was me. Years ago
And since then, I have evolved into a vibrant, self-confident and empowered woman helping other women to get unstuck so they can spend time doing things they enjoy rather than things they have learnt to endure.
Let’s face it.

Everything around you pressures you to perform. And you don’t feel like you’re making any progress. It’s tough for you out there. Not because you’ve not tried. And not because you’re not doing anything about it.
It’s tough because… life happens. And when most of our efforts are met with bad outcomes, guess what we do?

We blame ourselves and feed the doubt that says we can’t…until we get to that point where we truly believe that we can’t.
But you deserve to live the rest of your life in your full potential. You deserve to be truly happy, doing something you really enjoy. And I’m going to take you by the hand to reveal the exact exercises that liberated me and that l have used to help young women across the world to achieve positive confidence and live the life of their dreams.


And in many ways, that should be comforting. Because it means:

  • You’re not the first to get hit by ugly circumstances outside your control
  • You’re not the first to be lied to that it was your fault
  • You won’t be the first to go through my programs. I’m not looking for lab rats. My techniques have been tested and are trusted by countless women.

And one important part is this. You’re not alone.

There are four levels of change you have to fully experience to get rid of the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging your efforts. Beyond holding your hands and leading you through all these changes, I have also been in the process before – doubtful and defeated.

Growing up with a mom who had mental health issues, I learnt early to question many things up to the point where I also questioned my ability to get things done and achieve what I desired out of life. I was overwhelmed with self-doubt, shame, anxiety and hurt, and at one point, I decided to take my own life.

Obviously, I didn’t. But it wasn’t as easy as it looks now reading on this screen. It took God’s intervention and successive attempts on my part to seek higher coaching help and self-development programs. I’ve attempted everything from toxic positivity to mindless affirmation, trying out every self-help exercise I saw on the internet. The desperation was real and that led me into more frustration as I kept trying on my own to fix issues that had been with me all my life.

Beliefs are like batteries. As long as they are connected to the powered source, they keep charging until they can’t take in any more charge. I was connected to the wrong source until I couldn’t take in any more of those negative emotions. I became suicidal, but today it’s different. I now spend my day feeling vibrant with a lot of souls, empowering the same people I almost left behind.

I realize that so many young women out there are going through similar hurt, shame and doubt – connected to the wrong source and expecting a different outcome. It’s all coming to an end.

I sound certain because I’m a living testimony. I have created a safe haven for women like you who are in that dark place that feels like there’s nothing that can get better. True, it doesn’t get better.

Want another truth?

You can get better. The truth is that this is not the final version of all you were made to be. This is not all you’re capable of. You’re capable of happiness. Of fulfilment. Of all the good things in life.

Bad circumstances don’t seek your permission before they happen to you. It’s time to stop consulting your doubts before you take the next bold step.
I can help.

And I’m ready to go all the full length with you to recover your feeling of worth and utmost confidence. I don’t have a wand and there’s no magic button. Just a coalition of will and a brave desire to take back the life you want. So yes, you’re not going to get it 100% all the time. But it’s all a part of the process. You discover your limitations, then we work together to exceed them. Whatever happens, it ends well – I got you!


I’m the oldest daughter of Monica and Debreth Murray and I graduated from The College of the Bahamas with a degree in Hospitality Operations. I’m also a part of a Toastmasters Club where I enjoy building my communication skills.

My first book “Don’t Despise Your Broken Piece: Understanding the Purpose of Pain” contains the personal blueprint I used to survive suicidal episodes in my journey. Currently working on my second book.