Hey Beautiful

Are you ready to fill your self-love cup? There is more but are you willing to get more?

My Story

I remembered going to bed every night , sobbing into my pillow because the bullying , the insults .. the attacks on my self worth despite my sincere , hard work .. every single day ! All of it because I was meek , timid .. could not stand up for myself.

And sadly my lack of assertiveness , seemed to make people believe they had the license to treat me the way they wanted to.
Until, one day I saw light at the end of the tunnel !
I learned the true meaning of

How did I achieve this transformation you ask? How did I go from feeling “helpless” to empowered?

Every transformation starts with a decision.
-I made a decision to become Empowered and
-embarked on a tough journey of self-transformation
-I made a commitment to inner work like never before

Until one day I felt like the sun was shining for me , infact I felt like I was the shining sun of my life !!
sound familiar?
Trap in the comparison game?
Believe that you don’t deserve better?
Suffering from imposter syndrome?
Need approval from others?
Allow low self esteem to hold you back?
Have trouble saying no to others?

Guess what, you are not alone! For I too struggled with these and more. But I couldn’t live there.

I am Daliesha a Millennial – Today, I am an Empowerment Catalyst for millennial young women, Author and Inspirational Speaker. I want to tell you that you are not alone. I understand your struggle. I can relate to the pain you are going through. You are smart, compassionate and respectful but people do not see that in you.

Here is an opportunity to you.

  • I want to help you stand firm whenever you make a decision even if you have to stand alone.
  • I want to teach you how to gain the respect of others by just applying easy, simple methods that worked for me.

The outcome will be a transformed YOU-the confident person you always wanted to be!! So,
Are you Ready??
If you are ready to finally feel Confident and Empowered… I am inviting you to experience a complimentary 45 mins CONFIDENCE & EMPOWERMENT session with me.
I want to offer this to you because I have made a promise to empower thousands of millennial young women.

I will help you regain self love and confidence. As your coach I’m here to help you. I will teach you skills to empower and help overcome your fears that’s holding you back.
During our session you’ll achieve a vision of what you can do to get started. I’ll support you in the process of your journey.

Here’s my gift to you… Love Coach D.
(My 6 steps to Regaining Self Confidence)
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